Due items doubled after beta install

I had 725 due items and decided to give the beta another shot. Immediately after installation, the figure is 1470. I double checked my preferences to make sure it didn’t default to include reading and definitions, but I’m only scheduled for writing and tone reviews, which is normal. So basically my queue just blew up by 100%.

I see the due count is indicated 1400 on the web as well. I’ve notified the developers who should be able to take a closer look at this!

The count has gone back down, and then I had a period for an hour or so where I was only getting tone reviews. Last I knew though, it seemed to have straightened out. I’m still seeing repeat items at the tail end of a ‘loop,’ but nothing near the repetition problems I was seeing the last time I tried the beta.

Fingers crossed. Looks good.

Hey, on which client did you originally see 725 items due?

The loops and due count accuracy should be significantly improved in the next mobile beta release (no promises, but we’re really aiming to get it released this month)

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It was the old android client. I took the upgrade to the beta and the count doubled. I never checked the website to see what the total was there, either before or after, but in hindsight it might have been informative. Anyway the issue was resolved pretty soon after I reported it, and one or two minor things since then.

My experience of the beta with the latest updates is so far a lot better than previously. I’m not having trouble with loops, and getting very little repetition now.

The only nagging issue that I’ve noticed is this tendency to lump single characters together with the same character in combination. Generally how this works is I’ll get a single character (I have lists with singles and full vocab terms), either pass or fail that, and the very next term will be the same character in combination with another. I’ve been forced to go back and mark them as different levels of retention (generally I’ll mark one as ‘too easy’ and leave the other one at 3) as a means of trying to break them up, but it hasn’t seemed to work all that well. This has been an issue on the old Android version too, so it’s not just limited to the beta.

So you mean something like you’ll see 你 and then a vocab like 你好 (or vice versa) soon after? If so, that specifically is a “special seasoning” improvement we’re working on improving in the next release!

If they’re all new vocabs that just got added from a list (like say you added 5 items in a row, so they’re all due around the similar time) and the list has them in that order, it’s trickier to initially mitigate to the same extent, but for general long-term queue tendencies we’re hoping to make this situation less common.

No, I mean I see it immediately after. It’s like these terms “find” each other. And not just that, it follows a specific pattern in which the single character always comes first, and the combination second. Always in that order.

I have noticed that lately I occasionally see a brief gap of a few terms in between the single character and the combo, but by and large the phenomenon happens with no gap. It’s possible that this is how it’s been happening all along and I’ve only just now started to notice in the last 6 weeks or so, but if you scan over my stats you’ll see that my reviews are in the hundreds of thousands, and I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that I would have noticed this a long time ago if it weren’t just a recent development.

They’re not. I actually posted about this problem last year, and it wasn’t new then either. I also disabled the option to present single characters from multi-character vocab terms in my list, just in case. My single char list is over 6000 terms, so that shouldn’t be necessary anyway, but beyond that, I’ve been studying all the single characters in that list that could conceivably appear in modern combinations for far too long for that to be an issue now.

Yes, this is the kind of issue we hope to mitigate more in our next release, so stay tuned!

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