Due percentage....what does it mean?

This question is for the Skritter team or any bright sparks in the Skritter community.

I tried to find this answer on the Skritter FAQs, but no luck. This was the best I found: http://www.skritter.com/faq#grading

What I was wanting know was what does the character/word percentage mean exactly? I realise that 99% means that I am reviewing it pretty much on schedule, and if it is 300%, I am reviewing too infrequently and if it is 50% then I am reviewing too much.

But quantitatively, what does the percentage mean? Does it correlate to days or hours?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling:

As far as I understand it, if it was due to be (re-)reviewed in 10 hours and you review it after 20 hours then the percentage will be 200%. Or if it’s scheduled for 10 days and you review it after 5 days it will be 50% due.

Thanks a lot @ximeng!! That makes perfect sense :slight_smile: