Edit Heisig keyword

Is there a simple way to edit the Heisig keyword for a character? I know I can edit the definition, but although the keyword shows up in italics to the left of the definition in the Words editor, it disappears when I click the “edit” icon. So is it not possible to edit it?

The reason I ask is there are discrepancies between the keywords of the 1st and 5th printings of Remembering the Simplified Hanzi (despite having the same ISBN). For instance, the keyword for 统 in the 5th printing is “continuum”, but in the 1st printing it is “overall”. Skritter is using the older keyword, but I have the 5th printing, and would like to use the more up-to-date keyword.

I can just edit the definition to put the up-to-date keyword in brackets, but that seems inelegant.

Thank you!

We can edit any Heisig keywords that need updating, however there’s not a way to do this in the app. Are there any other keywords that need updating besides the one you’ve pointed out? You could email us anything in need of updates at team@skritter.com!

In the meantime I’ve updated the keyword for 统

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