English Definitions of the Chinese word


I get very confused when it comes to the definitions.
For example, 高 means high and tall, but it also includes Eiffel Tower.
I asked my native HK friend and she was also extremely confused and thought that the presence of Eiffel Tower is just an example of where you would use 高.
How can I distinguish the meaning of the word and what is an example?

Where are you seeing a reference to the Eiffel Tower? Can you maybe take a screenshot? All I can see for the definition of 高 in the Skritter database is “high; tall (Kangxi radical 189)”.

I see it on the Skritter iPad App, I would have to search through all my flashcards which will disrupt my flashcard schedule.

Hmm, that’s really weird! There’s no way someone added a custom definition to your account by mistake? I have no idea why that would come up! I’ll have to defer to @SkritterJake or the team I’m afraid.

It looks like you had Heisig keywords enabled in your study settings, which is why that definition was showing up. I’ve gone ahead and disabled them for you, however you could re-enable them via: http://www.skritter.com/account/settings-study