Erase all words from my list and restart from scratch

Dear Skritter

I am a new user
and begginer chinese student. I use an iPad Air and a Samsung Tablet.

I have 4

  1. How to remove
    all words and restart from scratch?

  2. Will my account allow me to use Skritter on both platform, iOS and Android? Or do I need
    to have two accounts and two payment?

  3. Can I sync across iOS and Androind OS?

  4. Will you offer a lifetime (non-monthly_ subscription, like 80% of your competition? I mean to give us the chance to purchase our add-ons, a one time payment, such as Pleco dictionary or Chinese Learning apps

Question 1:

I accidentally added,
in my personal Study List, all lists from
HSK1 NEW LIST to HKS6… Now I got my words batch comprising of 700 words…too many for a beginner.

I would like to
re-start with 20 words or, if that is not possible, with at most the 109 words in HSK 1 (NEW) List .

I tried but failed: even after deleting all lists (in my list section) starting from HSK2…HSK6, my personal words are 390. Too many for me to learn. I need a subset of 20-100 words to start, not so many

Conclusion: since deleting list does NOT delete my words, how can I remove all
words and restart from scratch?
After reset everytihing, I will be careful and cautious and I will download only HSK1 list (108 words)…

Thank you for your wonderful app!

re: Question1:

I forgot to mention that I have looked extensively in skritter’s seeting, in both my iPad and Samsung tablet: in my opinion skritter app (iOS and Android) does NOT offer an option to reset the words. Yes, we can reset (erase) all personal lists, but words, from list are likely already propagated into words set and therefore this option is useless: words are sticking into personal batch. NO way to remove them.

Thank you and waiting for comments

Hi Allesim,

I spotted the email you had sent earlier and addressed each of the points you’ve mentioned, however I thought I would reply here as well in case you see this first. If there’s anything else you’re wondering about please feel free to email us back or reply in this post!