Example sentence a bit creepy

maybe others won’t agree but i found this example sentence for 性感 pretty uncomfortable. understand it’s a bit hard to come up with an example sentence for “sexy” that isn’t in some way commenting on someone’s appearance, but i really personally didn’t enjoy being surprised with this while i was practicing on the train. the phrasing of the translation alone is just super creepy… would you consider replacing this one, preferably with something less male-gaze-y and ideally not gendered at all?

Ugh. So many of our sentences are just bad. They were a part of a mass dump of data so many years ago, and never really screened apart from when they get reported, or rated on the website. We’ve been slowly building up our own corpus of sentences, but there is so much left to fix. Thanks for the report. We’ll replace it.

Btw, future update to the app will include a way to report these directly, which should help us find and fix the really egregious ones a lot quicker.

P.S. custom example sentence support, too! (Can’t wait for this feature!!!)


thank you! very much appreciated.