Examples sentences on android? Where are they?

I have been using Skitter happily on my iphone. The app is generally quite good (although the offline features are less than perfect). However I recently bought an android phone.

  1. There are no example sentences in the android app. This is a really useful feature of the app on iphone

  2. There are no uploaded mnemonics . On the IOS app there are automatic mnemonics, which you can edit if you want to improve them. Very helpful. Now I have to think of all my own, very arduous.

  3. On the android version there a much fewer settings, the app is way less strict, which i dislike. And I cannot adjust my retention rate aims.

It is a completely different app on android, and not a better one

Hi there! :wave:

We’re working on a client replacement for the Android (and iOS) app, based on framework at: www.skritter.com. Once ready, all features and the feel of the app are the same regardless of which device you Skritter on, not to mention being one codebase opposed to three entirely separate clients, allowing updates to be quicker/easier.

Example sentences and mnemonics will of course be available on the Android app! I should also mention that creating your own mnemonics is extremely recommended-- choosing a mnemonic you didn’t create isn’t as effective as creating one yourself since there isn’t as much of a personal connection, and part of it can be how arduous it could be. You have a much better chance of remembering something silly you imagined yourself, opposed to something spawned from someone else’s imagination!

Regarding your last point, this will be a non issue moving forward when all clients match in functionality. :slight_smile: You can currently still adjust your retention rate on the web, at: http://legacy.skritter.com/account/settings-study

Hi Jeremy,

I am facing exactly the same issues as “milesaway” after switching from iphone to android (more than 1 year after “milesaway”).

Have these issues been solved in the meantime? What is the fix?

Thanks and best wishes,

Are you using the Beta Client? In the Beta Client you can tap on the info icon in the upper right corner. This will open up a panel that among other things includes an example sentence. Tapping on the example sentence provides pinyin and translation.

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I am on the beta app. there are mnemonics but no example sentences whatsoever. Is this a bug?

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Hmm, are you studying less common words? There should be example sentences for the words included in HSK 1 through 3! (We’re expanding sentences as things progress, making sure they are only staff created to ensure quality).