Exporting Skritter list to another flashcard app

I need to practice with a different flashcard app - that is until Skritter adds one more feature. :wink:

I want to be given the English word(s) as a prompt to test if I know how to say it in Chinese, but sadly Skritter doesn’t do this.

So I am hoping to export my created lists FROM Skritter TO another flashcard app.

Does anybody know a simple way to do this without copying and pasting every word and definition?

Thanks for any help you can give…

The web version offer the ability to export individual lists to csv files.

Thank you, I had tried that but unfortunately it’s just a big conglomeration of all the words and it would require copy and paste of each word.

Skritter, please add this to the ways to study!! English prompt to correct word.

Edited: You import the CSV file into a spreadsheet program and then just copy/move/edit the columns you want, and then you bulk paste/import into your other app. Most other flashcard apps support some bulk import mode. Once you’ve imported the original Skritter data into a spreadsheet program, it’s much easier to clean up and format as you need. Then you re-export from the spreadsheet program into the format you need (again, usually a different CSV file) Not an ideal solution, but not as bad as it sounds.

@jinbaili73 I’m not sure I understand the original problem. Skritter does give you a card with just the English definition and then you have to write the Chinese.

I’ve illustrated this with four pics below. The first is the English card, the second is the card with the pronunciation hint revealed, and the third and fourth are the cards with the Chinese character revealed.

This is the basic “write Chinese” card to which you respond to the English definition.

I’m curious, how would the app you’re planning to use be different?

I think he wants to see English and then reveal Mandarin without needing to write it. The cards you are showing can’t be scored correctly until one writes it. He just wants the “reverse” of the Skritter “show Mandarin, reveal English” that is already there now.

He wants the REVERSE of this (without writing), just like a physical flashcard would be:


Yes, that would be useful. I’d like to see it as an option though, rather than part of normal review.