Extrem long time to start Skritter (iOS)


I´m using Skritter on an iPhone 8, iOS 14.3, App Version 3.5.4 (300451), and have the following problem.

When starting Skritter to study, it’s getting stucked on the starting screen (Skritter logo on black background) for quite some time. I’m speaking about everything between 10 - 20 Minutes, sometimes it won’t start at all. I tried it using my 4G, different Wi-Fi Networks, with/without VPN, different VPN servers, but the only think that’s helps is restarting my iPhone. And even this only helps in about 40% of attempts.

Mostly, I’ve to find the time every day to stay with my phone to wait until Skritter starts and then study as much as possible while the App is running. Which is in contrast to my usual study technique of doing little study seasons distributed over my whole day.

How to make Skritter to start in a reasonable time?

(I hope it’s not due to my outdated hardware)

Have you tested using a different account and a different device to narrow down the issue? You could use an emulator for example. This sounds like an issue on your end as nobody else has this problem.

Sorry you’re seeing these speed issues. One thing that you can try once you’re in the app is enabling the “Alternative domain” setting from the User Settings screen. Might help get ya past the splash screen a lot faster with or without a VPN.

Feel free to reach out to team@skritter.com so we can try to dig in a bit more with ya.


Hi and thanks for the fast answer. I wasn’t aware of this option, but it seems to have solved my problem. The loading time on start-up is now somewhat around 10 - 20 sec., which is a normal time for a phone this outdated.

Problem solved!
Thanks a lot and happy 牛 year!

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Awesome! So glad you’re up and running.

Happy 牛 Year!