Feature request: add searched words to list

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I’ve just searched the word 修改 on skritter.com/words, now I want to quickly add this to a list. Can some clever guy stick a button somewhere that has that super cool function?

Guess the app does have that feature but somehow I can’t find where to search for random words :beers: :tropical_drink: :tumbler_glass: :clinking_glasses:

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In the same vein, it would be really helpful if you could get details for and modify a word by clicking on it in the list view. As it stands, doing maintenance on words in a list involves looking at the list, then searching manually in the words view for each word.

Fortunately (and frustratingly) both the OP’s request and this one are satisfied by legacy.skritter.com.

Sadly, the API the new site uses can’t update things like legacy can at the moment. It is most certainly on the list of things to improve, but list management and edit is still probably best done on legacy for now as you stated.

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Bumping this request for either web or iOS app. My teacher is using “Common Chinese Sentence Patterns” from Taiwan OCAC. Text is clear but uses vocabulary from all over the place. So far I am using HSK1 writing traditional characters and Integrated Chinese for additional character recognition. Any suggestions or workarounds welcome.

@powelliptic @acmepost Skritter.com now supports editing and looking up words right from the deck section contents. No more need to search in Words when making changes to a batch of times outside of a study routine.

Edit: looking at the changes now, we might want to bump up the base font size for these links characters @SkritterMichael they can be tough to read/see in the current size.

Skritter.com 2.3.20 - you mean on lists? There is a search for new decks. On Words, All Words, there is a search. Let’s say I want to find han jia. Easy to type in the pinyin and possible words come up, you can look at the details for the word. But on the list screen, when you select the word, the choices are to ban or unban the selected words. Is there a way to get that word put in my study queue? Or know if it is in the list?

On the mobile app, I can go to a deck, look at the chapters and study specific words. When I ‘learn’ them by going through the screens for pinyin, definition, tone, etc. then they get added to the study queue. I know han jia is in one of my decks but heaven knows where. Can I search for that word, then ‘learn’ it so it can go on the queue?
-or a simpler case-
If I hear a word like gong chen shi, can I search my lists and see if it is there?

You will probably explain it and I will go “Doh!”

On the web version, words are added to your study queue in the order they are in on the list (if the list is set to actively add words), however there’s not a way to select a specific word to add to your study queue jumping out of order.

Not currently-- words that you’ve already added can be searched for in My Words, however anything that hasn’t been added yet (via the learn mode) won’t show up in the search results. There’s unfortunately not a way to search for an unadded word to see which list(s) it’s in.

Quick update, the font size has been increased on the My Words and in vocab list section pages for the website. Hope that causes less squinting and more studying!

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