Feature request: add searched words to list

Hi :wave:

I’ve just searched the word 修改 on skritter.com/words, now I want to quickly add this to a list. Can some clever guy stick a button somewhere that has that super cool function?

Guess the app does have that feature but somehow I can’t find where to search for random words :beers: :tropical_drink: :tumbler_glass: :clinking_glasses:

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In the same vein, it would be really helpful if you could get details for and modify a word by clicking on it in the list view. As it stands, doing maintenance on words in a list involves looking at the list, then searching manually in the words view for each word.

Fortunately (and frustratingly) both the OP’s request and this one are satisfied by legacy.skritter.com.

Sadly, the API the new site uses can’t update things like legacy can at the moment. It is most certainly on the list of things to improve, but list management and edit is still probably best done on legacy for now as you stated.

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