[Feature request] Dark mode

Would it be possible to implement a dark mode for the website, so it can be easier on the eyes to study for long sessions, especially on the desktop?

This is absolutely something we will keep in mind and are very likely to add in the future!

Glad to read that!


I’ve found this extension on chrome is quite good for most websites. Give it a go with Skritter :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion but I use Firefox.

There are dark mode extensions for Firefox, too!

I found this which seems to be the same one, but for Firefox:

Thanks, it does the job for the forum but on the studying page the strokes are invisible.
I also tried to reverse the colors of the Firefox window via a compositor (I am on Linux), but in this case the cursor is barely visible (black on dark grey).
In the end a native dark mode would be the best option I think.

Native dark mode is the way to go. Just isn’t in the development cards for the immediate future. We will have dark mode and other themes for the app and website in the future, though!

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