Feature request: Easier adding of words for offline study


Two days ago I was about to go on a very long flight, so I thought the best way to get Skritter to “buffer” a sufficient amount of words for offline study was to add 130 words at a time (iOS app). I was kind of hoping that further words would trickle in bit by bit after repeating previous newly introduced ones. However, maybe due to intrinsic Skritter mechanics, all the new words pretty much came in one row (being most “due”?), which had me going through 130 of new words before being able to get my spaced repetition back. Further, this really blew up my due list for days to come.

Maybe this was to be expected, however I would really love to see a way to pre-download a set of new words or even a whole list onto device memory for Skritter to gradually add new words even when offline.
What do you think? Would this feasible?

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Due to the way the system is set up (and also subscription abuse) this is unfortunately not possible. You can like you discovered add words in bulk while your still connected to the internet and then take them with you to study/review offline, but it’s not going to trickle them in since they are technically due when you first add them. The downsides you mention like having to go through the newly added words before hitting your due queue from before and affecting how many reviews are in the days to come are unfortunately inevitable.

Hi Jeremy
Thanks for your answer. I was wondering if you could solve the problem by the app saving the user’s subscription status (with end date) every time the user is online. If there was an active subscription, the “cached” new words could be introduced in offline study. If there was no subscription last time online, no new words can be added. Once the user returns online, the app can re check the subscription status.

Would that work?

It’s not so much the subscription status as it is words need to be added by using an internet connection. The only way to study new words when your offline is to add them while your still connected before-hand in bulk, so there’s unfortunately no way to trickle new words in when you’re offline after you’ve added them in bulk.