[Feature request] Hanping support for sentences

Unfortunately in version 3.8.4 (android) it is not possible to add example sentences from hanping to skritter anymore. Characters and words are added just fine, but when i try to add a whole sentence (via the “add word” function from within hanping pro), skritter opens and says “successfully added to…”, but its not actually added to my list.

This really is a feature which i have been using a lot because writing full sentences is very rewarding, even if you only remember some of the characters, so it would be awesome if you could bring it back.

Hi, sorry you’re having trouble with getting sentences into Skritter. I just tested and was able to successfully add a sentence from Hanping Pro to Skritter and do see the sentence in the Skritter list. Are you sure you only have one deck named “Hanping” inside Skritter? In some rare instances, it’s possible it’s adding to another, duplicately named deck.

Alternatively if you’re switching back and forth between Hanping and Skritter, you may need to force a sync of the deck to see the new vocabs in it (go into the deck, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then tap “Sync”).

Hi Michael

Thanks for your speedy help on this.

I think i have localized the problem. Most of the example sentences I use come from the ABC Dictionary. These sentences unfortunately end with a kind of stylized punctuation mark or question mark which Skritter doesn’t seem to be able to handle:

Is there a way to fix this from your side?


Ok, thanks for the extra information! We’ll investigate this and post an update when we have a fix for it.

The import for sentences with punctuations should be fixed now, give it another try!

Sorry to say it still doesn’t work. But I do get an error message now:

(I should add, that skritter doesn’t open within hanping, it’s stuck on “loading application”, so I have to select “open in browser”, which takes me to the website)

Hi, thanks for the updates. Sorry it still isn’t working, I will look into these sentences and see where the snag is. In an effort to prevent bad vocabs from getting into the system, Skritter is pretty restrictive about punctuation in non-sentence vocabs.

In the meantime, you can always copy the sentence and create the vocab manually on the skritter.com website. You’ll need to either leave out the punctuation if you want to practice the writing, or click the “this is a sentence” checkbox, but then you won’t be able to practice the writing.

Hi Michael

Sorry to pull this back up, but it seems that adding sentences now functions even less than before.

While adding words works fine:

Even simple sentences without any punctuation get rejected:

Would be great if you could take another look at this.

Hi ThePat, it looks like you can’t add that vocab to our system because “a1-yi2” and “bo1-shi4-dun4" are not valid valid pinyin in Skritter’s world. Now in this case we can improve it, it’s relatively simple to just remove all “-” from the readings, but in general it’s a cat and mouse game between recognizing bad input and turning it into good input. I’ll let you know when the fix is live.

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Just an update, pinyin that has hyphens in it should be auto-fixed now on the website when submitted as a word to add.

Awesome, thank you! Happy to confirm that adding full sentences from Hanping now works fine. This is a huge improvement for my learning strategy.

(the problem with sentences containing stylized commas, question marks etc. unfortunately still remains, but I can just skip past them for now)