Feature request: Manual adding from paused lists

I have a list with all the words from the Spoonfed Chinese Anki deck. I have it “paused” because I am focusing on another list. However, I do want to keep up with the Anki deck as needed. My plan was to use “study list” to pull up that list specifically and use “+” to add words from it. If I try that, I get an error about “no more words”, presumably because it’s taking into account the fact that the list is paused.

I think in the case of “study (specific) list” and then “add words” it should always let me add.

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Lists aren’t able to add new words while they’re paused which is why it’s not allowing you to new add items, however if it’s not going to unpause the list for you so you could add new words, it really should be indicating the correct reason for not being able to add words (which is because the list is paused), and not say “No more words to add”, if there are words in the list that haven’t been added yet. I’ve opened an issue for this!

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