[Feature Request]Pitch-accent

In Japanese it is quite important to know the pitch-accent of words if you want to strive for native pronunciation. I would like to see an option to be also be prompted for the pitch accent of words.

I do not know a good source for the pitch accents of words. but the dictionary wadoku.de includes them and there is a free tool from the University of Tokyo which tries to generate correct pitch accent for japanese sentences (not always correct).

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I agree 100% and this is something we’ve discussed as a team often. A comprehensive, accurate, (and preferably importable) source is the one thing that’s prevented us from adding it in just yet. This is definitely something that would be an incredible improvement to the Japanese side of things.

from what i can tell, wadoku is a dictionary and has the associated accuracy. However commercial access to their data is not for free and you would need to contact them to find an agreement that is agreeable with both parties.

Generally they require companies integrating their dictionary into commercial software to give them a share of the total income, but I assume this is more for using all of the dictionaries content and you could get something better as you only want the pitch-accent information.

their licence is completely in german and they seem to have two licences making things more complicated

anyway you could try contacting them, i think the following page contains the best current email:

Alternatively, I know that on apple devices the standard installed dictionary comes with pitch accent information. you could try contacting the publisher of that as well


Just bumping the topic.
I found this website : http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/pages/home

It’s an academic ressource from Tokyo University.

It’s covering the main textbooks used by learners. However it looks a bit tricky for them to add new ressources.

It works well, though.

Thanks for this! It looks like on the website it states that it cannot be used for commercial purposes, unfortunately.

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True, sorry I didn’t notice the commercial use issue

I guess it can be used as a reference for those who want to know the correct pitching accent until the feature is implemented in the app.


did you get in contact with wadoku?

Not yet! We aren’t ready to tackle this however I will reach out when we are.