[Feature Request] Public link to profile which shows studied words

I am currently still a beginner when it comes to Chinese and I am also taking casual iTalki classes to get conversation and listening practise. For me it would be immensely useful to have the following:

Some link to my skitter profile where other people without requiring to login can see which worlds I have studied.

Cheers, sirati


This is an interesting idea!

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I had a similar situation, and was working with a tutor. I exported my lists to files from the Skritter website, but they came out in a different order than the lists showed. But it was possible to export the lists individually, IIRC, and then give the manually concatenation exported content to my tutor.

It would have been nice to be able to “show” my tutor my word list in a more simple fashion.

exactly, a tutor doesnt need to see all the details, best if its just the word in either simplified or traditional kanji. ordered in the fashion Chinese people expect. best with a search field so they can check.

and lastly the non plus ultra would be if words would be grouped into categories

For now, if you export the words you’ve studied your tutor should be able to get a sense of what you’re studying. You could also consider creating custom study decks that contain words and phrases you’re learning with your tutor. The more outside context you can add to a list of word the better they’ll stick in your long-term memory!

Back when I was very actively studying Chinese, I maintained study decks where I would add a new section every week with all the new stuff I was learning. Personally, my process was always starting from context (book, song, classroom, etc.) and adding to Skritter–not the other way around.

Also, have you tried starring things you’re struggling with, or just keeping a note of stuff that has you confused on Skritter? It’s a great way to discuss the finer details of synonyms, grammar points, etc. and get max value out of the 30-minute or one-hour tutoring session.

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i do do that. most my vocab comes from my lessons and i am doing the HSK decks one by one in parallel.

i will use the export function for this, but its definitely not the best for a non tech savy teacher

the reason why i will want this even though i mostly learn the vocab i came across in my 121 lessons is, that i have more than 1 teacher at a time and sometimes try out new people, so it is still relevant

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