Feature Request -- The character isn't done until I say it's done!

Would you consider adding a feature to disable Skritter from grading a character until the user signals that it is complete?

As it is, Skritter often gives me a pass when it should not. Sometimes it grades a character correct, although I was planning to mistakenly add some extra strokes. Other times, when I forget to write the last part of a character, the fact that Skritter hasn’t graded the character let’s me know that there is still more to write.

What do other users think?


I second that! I have exactly the same issue :slight_smile:

Are you using raw squigs? That helps a lot with not revealing hints as you write until you’re finished. In cases where a character triggers as complete earlier than expected and you were planning to write more, or finish writing but the prompt is still asking for input letting you know there’s more, you immediately know you’re wrong, so you could mark it as incorrect since it’s wrong, and reveal the correct answer and write that instead. If you were writing it incorrectly anyway, I’m having trouble seeing a good point to finish writing the incorrect character opposed to being cut off, and shown the correct one so that can be written instead to reinforce the correct character. This is just my opinion, though!

Hey Jeremy,

yes, I´m using raw squigs (I find the other mode quite irritating actually :smiley:)

I know that I can still mark it as wrong, and that´s what I try to do. However for me the issue is mostly with caracters that have either a 口, a 日 or a 目 in them (e.g. 省). The problem is that I have to conciously think about which one im going for and not just write until I “feel” that the character is complete.

So it´s not a huuuge problem but just disturbs the flow :wink:

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I considered this too when I first started using the app. However, I quickly decided that it would not be worth the extra 100-200 milliseconds for every single character just to prevent this very rare problem, and even if such a feature existed, I would quickly disable it for efficiency. I would instead just mark myself wrong on these rare occasions.

I think it’s important to also comment at this point that no matter how much effort the developers put into it, the app can’t be a perfect grader without being infuriatingly harsh to the point of unusability by most users. The automatic grading exists mainly for time efficiency, but should ultimately be vetted by the user him/herself.

To get the most out of Skritter, you must honestly assess and critique yourself.

Oh, this applies to life in general also, by the way :wink:

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Thanks, Jeremy. You changed my mind – I agree that it its better to have skritter cut me off when I make a mistake. I would still like it to hold off on grading me correct until I think I’m done, but this isn’t a big deal for me.

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