[Feature Request] Unlearning

Spaced repetition is great, but there needs to be some smarts for dealing with totally forgotten characters. I’ve been away for a while and now have something like 6000 reviews due. But it’s been long enough that I probably only remember 10% of those. I don’t want to reset my account and lose what I do know, and there is no reason to still show characters that I have no chance of remembering. The algorithm must have some idea of how well I know a character. So it should be possible to add some threshold (optional, user settable) below which the software decides to drop that character from the list and make me relearn it from scratch. This could happen automatically, or be a button somewhere that the user has to trigger manually. Thoughts?

I would LOVE that, it would allow me to keep some progress after a period of inactivity (better than resetting my whole list, which seems to be the common suggestion) and would remove the hugely demotivating massive review backlog.

Thanks for reading!

First, welcome back!

The feature request has been read, and while we don’t have the option to do what you’re asking right now, there are options in the app for resetting individual decks and deck sections, which will give you much more control over what you’re removing from the queue (and what you’ll have to relearn moving forward).

Also, we made a video a while back that specifically addresses using Skritter after a break, which might be worth a watch.

Before you reset or relearn items, I recommend focused review sessions from decks you’re more comfortable with to see how much you remembered and retained after the break, and try not to get too discouraged by the big number of reviews. Continuous mode and limited total cards in a review session are a great way to get back into the habit of reviewing without the added pressure of a large queue number during a study session.