[Feature Request] Upcoming cards forecast

Hi! I’ve been using skritter for a while now - it’s amazing.

I used to learn Indonesian, and anki was a great SRS app solution. One thing I loved about it was it could give you a forecast of how many cards you have coming up over the next few days. It helped me decide when to add new cards based on my general life schedule.

Would it be possible to get a similar feature for Skritter?

I care more about the numbers (to know when to chill out on adding cards) but something like this would also be cool: Better Anki forecasting for Review Heatmap with Anki Simulator


This is available on the legacy website, actually! You can go to: https://legacy.skritter.com/study

Once there, you can tap on the “click to calculate” area:

You can calculate for up to 8 weeks by clicking again on the calendar:

I’ve also written this down as a feature request for the app / modern website :smiley:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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