Feature requests for iOS

Small one but when adding a large number of new items, especially when many items on the list are already studied, Skritter spends a lot of time “Saving” and “Assembling” and “Syncing”. The user interface stops responding when this happens, but the timer keeps going up, so you end up going up to the limit while waiting for the add to complete. Would be better if the timer stopped when the sync happens.

Any other feature requests for iOS?

I wouldn’t mind if Skritter sent me notifications. Something telling me how many items are due or how many characters I learned recently.

This may sound a bit superficial, but I’d like it to look more like the Android version, more modern and cleaner. I find it a little “cheesy” at the moment.

Other than that notifications telling me it’s time to quit procrastinating would be nice too.

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I’d like for there to be an option to mark a character as ‘Mastered’ so that you no longer have to write it when it appears in words. A good example would be 的, which appears in so many words and I’ve written it so many times that I now just skip it almost every time. There are some other characters that fall into this category for me so it’d be great to have some way to bypass them, especially since hitting the side of the screen to skip doesn’t seem to register every time!

There might need to be some granularity to the option, say for example that it only bypasses the character when it’s the last one in the word, so that for the 的 example you wouldn’t automatically skip over it in 的を射る, or with 学 you wouldn’t skip it with the verb form 学ぶ.

I don’t know if it has been talked about before, but I think something like a multiple choice mode for the pinyin and character definition parts would be good, I know multiple choice isn’t always great, but I think some way of testing rather than just self grading would be useful. Also what about a mode where you chose the correct character/ word from the english definition.

More audio recordings would be good. :smiley:

And maybe a Cantonese dictionary with characters that are also used in Cantonese but not so much in Mandarin? Such as 冇.

It’d be nice if there was a ‘bury’ function similar to that found in Anki. For those not familiar, burying a card simply sets it aside as one to come back to, rather than failing it outright. I’ve used Anki for so long that I’ve come to simply expect this functionality out of any SRS. Oftentimes I’ll instantly recall the correct meaning of a word I buried only a short time earlier, and I’m thinking the same would apply to writing. Current Skritter functionality means I’ve no real choice other than failing a writing because it doesn’t come to me right at that moment. The ability to bury it and have another chance to give it a try would be nice.

The user interface stops responding when this happens, but the timer keeps going up, so you end up going up to the limit while waiting for the add to complete. Would be better if the timer stopped when the sync happens.

We’ve got an iOS update planned and I’ll be sure to have the development team explore. It sounds like it shouldn’t be too hard to have the timer stop when syncing starts to occur.

@ZanDatsu We’ll be fixing the hit boxes for the back and forward button in the next iOS update. This should make skipping words a lot easier!

As for marking characters as “mastered,” it’s an intriguing idea that I’ll discuss with the team, but it would be a low priority item at the moment. We’ve got a pretty full plate working on a lot of backend things that should make the overall Skritter experience a lot more pleasant.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I certainly don’t want to dismiss anything that would make studying on Skritter more fluid.

@MJXueHanYu more audio recordings are in the works, along with a more dynamic way to deploy changes on the clients without having to release a new build or clear local data :wink:

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I think marking as soso probably does a similar thing as burying?

Regarding marking as mastered, this could possibly be done automatically in quite a neat way. In two or four character words, you’ll probably find some common characters (以, 的, 之 for example) are less likely to be mistaken. This could be identified by reviewing say the last five times you’ve written a word and see if one character is consistently written wrong. You could then fill in the other characters automatically and ask people to fill in the blank or blanks that they get wrong more frequently (Cloze).

I think that Skritter already guesses whether you don’t know how to write a character or you don’t know which character to write, so this might be along the same lines.

A second step which would be a bit harder would be analysing how you write individual characters and only filling in the bit you get wrong. That would take a lot more analysis though and it’s less obvious to me how you could structure this with the current system.