Features Request - More Zhuyin features


First off, I really appreciate the Zhuyin option for the cards. I recently moved to Taiwan and it’s very helpful. I was wondering if y’all would consider a couple of features to help with Zhuyin even more.

  1. A deck to learn to write Zhuyin. The hardest part for me was memorizing the 37 new characters. Skritter already has a solid basis for learning new characters by writing them out, yet I wasn’t able to use that to learn zhuyin because Skitter doesn’t have cards for the Zhuyin characters themselves. This would be super helpful in learning them!

  2. When reviewing, having an option to replace the “what is the zhuyin” card with one that asks you to actually write the zhuyin characters. Writing the zhuyin instead of tapping to reveal would remove the need to self-grade this card type (similar to the tone-drawing card).

Let me know what y’all think. I know zhuyin is not the preferred method by most Chinese speakers/learners. Nonetheless, it’s a very nice system with real benefits, and personally I’m glad I switched from pinyin.


Take a look at this deck and see if it’s what you want:
zhuyin fuhao ㄅㄆㄇㄈ bopomofo
It is a user created deck so you won’t find it under textbooks or official lists.
Good luck!

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The first request we’d definitely like to add in eventually. The second sounds like a great experimental study mode (we’re planning to add some experimental modes sometime in the future!)