Feel like wrong tone in audio for 辈子

Obviously I am a learner and not fluent in recognising tones. But i feel like the recording for 辈子 is saying bēizi and not bèizi as it should.

Where are you hearing this? Our audio entry for 辈子 is correct and the pronunciation is clear. That, however, doesn’t mean that you’re tone perception is bad, it could just mean you’re listening to outdated audio. If you tell us where you’re hearing this, we can have a closer look to see what’s going on!

I was listening on the website. card was added from deck “TOCFL Level 3 (B1-Higher)”

its probably just my tone perception being bad haha

Then I’m afraid it really is a problem with tone perception. :slight_smile: That’s a clear 4+0 tone contour!

thanks for checking it tho. i was suspecting it, but wanted to be sure

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I’ve found this great article online about learning tones! It has lots of information, usefull tips and links to other sites that have even more hints and tips. The author of this article clearly has great insight into the Chinese language and is kind enough to share it. No idea who he is though…

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Hey thank you for the link.

I had already read it before. you might have shared it before elsewhere. idk.

generally i dont have to much problems with tones by now, i havent figured out why this one gets me. maybe its the 4 5 contour.

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