Forum Update: Light and Dark Themes

Based on user feedback, we have made a minor change and updated the forum with user-selectable forum themes.

Boba Theme (Light)

NEO Theme (Dark)

To make the chage, click on your profile picture, go to settings (gear icon) and choose interface from the bottom of the menu.

Update: All new themes

It’s nice that we have the option to change between themes but the way it’s implemented it not good at all. The setting is hidden under multiple menus. This is something that might be changed multiple times in a day. I would suggest having it work more like an E-reader app. Here is an example with one tap on the text of the screen options appear one of them being a sun and moon to change the themes.

I’m afraid the platform we use won’t allow for this kind of quick switching.

By default, the forum will remain light themed, but for users that prefer dark mode, they can make the switch. If it’s a case of switching regularly, there is probably a chrome extension, or one could employ accessibility features on their computer with a shortcut to invert to colors.

If you made the forum part of the app could you link the settings to an easier to access menu. Could you link it to the phones brightness sensors for auto detecting and switching (if it were part of the app)? Could it be linked via the ambient light sensor on the website like this site says?

Perhaps in the long term, but we use Discourse for our forum software, so are limited by those features and are focusing on our main app first before looking at custom integrations. Anyhow, thanks for the link, i’ll check it out. :grinning:

The glaring pink, purple and magenta colors are pretty hard on the eyes.

I’m not sure if anybody else finds it as objectionable as I do or not.

Do you mean in the dark mode, or the light mode? You can switch to the light mode (which is now default) if you don’t want so many striking colors against dark!

This is the light Theme. Vegas-Ugly with a MardiGras twist of green/purple. And banners keep popping up in purple and then fading away when I perform operations. I’ll add a second picture.

Edit: every time I go to a new entry, the unread stuff gets highlighted in purple and fades away. The contrast of purple, green, magenta, and cyan is just…garish. Both light & dark themes are painful to look at.

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I’ve reduced the amount of colors for the main theme, and added another 4 themes to pick from. (2 dark ones). Hopefully there is something for everyone’s tastes :slight_smile:

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@Gwilym. So, so so much better! Thank you!!!

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