Free Mandarin Immersion Classes!

Free Advanced Speaking Class

Join us each Wednesday for a casual evening of free Mandarin. Each week our teacher will send out a topic to be discussed and then help our students hone their language skills in relatively free flow conversation. There is only one rule: no English!

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thats amazing but i feel like you forgot to include the information where the lessons are held

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Apologies! All lessons are held remotely. Please email to sign up!

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Hey @jamiekeyte

Thanks for posting! To give everyone some context, Skritter is doing a pilot program with Manhattan Mandarin right now for their Spring term, and after talking to some of the students I discovered that they offer a free weekly Chinese class and asked Jamie to share the info for anyone thinking about joining.

Happy studying!


I guess that’s also 6:30 pm Manhattan time :otter:


That’s correct. Wow I’m off my game!

The class is held each Wednesday on zoom at 6:30pm EST.

We hope to bring back our in-person free group sessions in NYC this summer and will keep the Skritter community posted!

Which kinds of topics do you discuss and how many people are in this class?

Also a little note, maybe you should change your language speaking rule in “Chinese only!” I think that makes more sense than “no English!”.