Gathering Ballers!

We’re looking for a group of helpful individuals, with a intermediate to high level of Chinese or Japanese, who often create corrections or definitions, to help us work on the Skritter dictionary in exchange for free access. (We call these individuals “ballers”). :smile: As long as corrections are made on a consistent basis, you would be able to continue receiving free Skritter access.

If you fit into this category and are interested, please let me know at, along with which language pair you would like to work on, and I can fill you in on the details.

Thanks! m(__)m

Language pairs most needed:
Chinese-Chinese (simp)
(plus any pair not list here which isn’t on the ‘not needed’ list)

Language pairs not needed:


a couple things about the baller interface:

  • square brackets [ ] to move up and down the list don’t seem to work anymore.

  • it might be useful and motivating to have a forum/mailing list specifically for ballers.

  • for English, sometimes when choosing between an inadequate original and a differently inadequate correction, I’d like a shortcut that would just copy the CC-CEDICT definition (which could then be edited for more brevity). Could also be useful for other languages, e.g. with French CFDICT or Japanese EDICT.
    Though I suppose that might cause license issues? Those dictionaries are ShareAlike, but I think Skritter’s dictionary is not shared.

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Did I miss out on opting into this? I mailed a while ago and didn’t get any reply back.


Nope, not missed! I just sent an email your way :grin:

Hi there
The only correction I regularly do is to add transitive or intransitive to Japanese verbs.
Only very occasionally I change some meaning or add new words.
Would that count and help other users?

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We actually don’t include part of speech information with any vocab, so I would say these should probably be personal definitions and not submitted as corrections. Japanese-English is one of our most covered language pairs right now as well. Thank you though Susanne!