General questions as to how Skritter study-sessions works

Hello everyone.

I recently started using Skritter again for my studies (chinese). However, there are a few things that I don’t quite understand, and I couldn’t locate the answers elsewhere. It should be rather straightforward though.

  1. Upon completing all items due for review, should Skritter not notify me of this, and whether I want to continue my study session by instead reviewing cards due for later? At least that is the system employed by all other apps that I have tried, and I can’t see why Skritter would be any different.

  2. In continuation of the first question, I have throughout my study sessions been stuck in this never-ending loop of reviewing the same material over and over. Granted, I only have 225 characters and 113 words listed as learned on Skritter, so perhaps it’s merely a matter of quantity - but I find it quite puzzling how I can press ‘study’, complete all due cards more than 10 times in a row and then check in only a moment later to be prompted for the very same ones, regardless of grading the item easy each time. Should the ‘time’ and ‘due’ stats for the day not finish at some point, or at least reset as part of a new study session? Is this the persistent scheduling bug which has been mentioned in different threads dating back months ago? Or am I completely missing something?

Edit: It should probably be mentioned that I’m having Skritter autoadd new characters and words from my textbook course material rather than manually adding new words

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Your timing is impeccable! There are some changes in the works which alter the way the SRS is presented, though it’s not quite ready for testing yet. In the meantime, your stopping point would be when your items due queue is near or at 0, and when you’re not wanting to study any more new words. Words will only pop up for review when they become due again, however if you get near 0, it might start cycling items sooner if they aren’t due yet, so it’s recommended to stop (or add new items if you can tackle them).

Regarding the item looping issue, does this happen when your items due queue is low? If so, this will be fixed when the change is ready since it’ll change the behavior of how/when new items are added and how reviews are handled. If this is only happened when your items due queue is low, in the meantime you could work past this by adding some new items manually.

Thank you for your reply. I definitely recall Skritter being much more smooth than as of now, so I shall be looking forward to the alteration.

As for the looping issue, it appears to have, well, fixed itself. What would happen is that I, upon clearing the items due queue, would previously be stucked reviewing the same roughly 10 words and characters for almost 2 hours, at which point I just gave up. This would then continue the following day. The SRS algorithm of course still heavily prioritize reviewing only the very recently learned characters and words, as you are already aware of - but at least Skritter is now properly adding new characters and mixing them in with the items due queue.

On a side note, however, the ‘daily limit’ function on my phone (Android, Samsung Galaxy S7) is acting rather strangely. As I understand it, Skritter should automatically be adding new characters and words to your queue whenever due items are nearing 0, and then halt auto adding when reaching the daily limit. But checking my daily stats, the daily total of new items learned is always either below or above the number specificed in my daily limit. For instance, my stats for today says 12 new learned items, with Skritter refusing to add new items, but my daily limit is set to 15.

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Last night I was in a loop where Skritter would make me draw 风 while simultaneously popping up the “added one new word” toast. Then I’d see the new word, maybe another review, then it would make me draw 风 again (showing it as some tiny % due), pop the “new word” toast again and repeat.

Are you still running into this loop? If so, I recommend deleting and reinstalling the app which should hopefully sort it out. Please let us know!

This was on the Web 2.0 version. I’m avoiding the Android version until the next release.

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