Glasses needed for the web app

I posted it already in the support but cant reply there to the reply.

The font size is too small for the list of words that I gave a star.

The support said I can increase the browser font but that is not an option as all other webpages get than also large text. Then anyone can set the size that he wants.

You could temporarily simply just add a small Javascript button that could increase the font size. No need for some big changes with options to save it as setting…

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Hi Markus87,

You’re right, the font size for the Starred Words page is 2px smaller than on the main All Words page. I will open an issue for the next patch to increase it to match the other pages. Additionally, it looks like some of the space usage could be optimized to leave a little more room for the writing.

But overall we can’t make it much larger because we don’t know how long a word’s writing is going to be. Words in Skritter can be as long as an entire sentence, and in the case of Japanese, words on average are much longer than they are in Chinese (e.g. 谢谢 vs ありがとうございます), so we have to use a layout that supports both.

In the meantime, a solution you can use now is to increase your browser’s text size. To prevent your issue that all the other webpages also have large text, when you’re ready to go to other sites, you can decrease your browser’s text size back to your standard zoom level.

Changing font sizes in EDGE or Chrome doesn’t work for me. Has anyone tried browser extensions such as FontSize Changer on Skritter? The tiny font size of the sample sentences is a big hindrance for me.

I use this now…

Download this chrome extension and paste in this

.vocab-row.writing-td {
font-size: 30px;

I use a German software called phrase express so i can always copy paste anything fast.

Thanks. Extremely helpful. The following worked for enlarging the sentences:
gelato-component[data-name=“vocab-sentence”] .sentence-writing {
font-size: 30px;

By the way, I still sometimes use the legacy web site ( to enjoy the larger fonts and the tone colors. The current iOS app beta has nice big fonts, and we are promised tone colors are coming. Hopefully before the end of the year, when Flash stops being supported by Chrome. Anyway, if anybody can figure out how to get the audio sample sentences working again in Legacy that would be cool. Seems like kind of a wasted resource. I really appreciate hearing Fiona read the HSK sentences, but it would be nice to have even more sentences available…