"got it" Button not working


I’m having quiet some trouble with the latest beta version for iOS. Form time to time the app gets one of my writings wrong, even I remembered it right (might be my sloppy handwriting). Normally I would mark this card as “got it” manually, however since some time my cards schedule grows into gigantic numbers. And most of the cards in review are the ones I marked as “got it” by hand. It seems like that the app doesn’t recognises the manual change.

Greetings from Germany.

Hi HHidding! Would you be able to let me know some of the words you’ve marked as correct? I can take a closer look at their scheduling and try to see what might be going on.

Hello Jeremy,

one example would be: 孔融。
I did some test on my own. When I do a card deliberately wrong, but type on got it, than directly go back to this card after it jumped on card forward, this card is still marked as wrong.