Grammar practice exercises on Skritter app

This is my third topic today, my apologies! I just really love Skritter; it’s being helping me boost my Chinese for a few months now, and I would like to see the app grow further.

Are there any plans to add a grammar practice component to the app? Starting with HSK 2, grammar can become a real issue if one does not practice, and although I understand that Skritter doesn’t aim to cover all aspects of language learning, I feel like the team’s approach to writing and reading practice could bring enormous benefits if applied to grammar as well.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence! Grammar practice exercises aren’t something we’ve spent too much time discussing internally but it is an area of language education that we’d like to explore more in the future in some form or another.

One idea that we’ve pondered on recently is the creation of some grammar-focused study decks (with video support) that present several sentence cards for each grammar pattern in given HSK levels. In the short term, this is probably the most feasible way to start exploring the range and usage of various grammar patterns and fixed expressions with the existing card types offered on the apps.


Thanks for looking into it! Yes, I was thinking the same. Most of the basic grammar requires memorization, from what I’m seeing. My Chinese tutor usually gives me repetitive exercises to really get me to remember the patterns, e.g.:

“Translate the sentences by emphasizing the time using the 是。。。的 pattern: 1. I arrived in Beijing yesterday. 2. I started learning Chinese two years ago.” etc. I personally find it very useful to repeat the pattern over an over again until it really sets in.