Help/feature question: preview for next days' Due cards?


I’ve come across references to being able to get a preview of how many cards/terms will become due the next day/next few days. This is also a feature I know from other SRS systems and it’s very useful for planning my schedule. But I can’t seem to find it either on the Skritter app or on the website.

Could someone give me a pointer? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks a lot!

Skritter legacy → Study → items due in next five days (click to calculate)

That’s huge, never logged in to the Legacy Skritter platform until I saw this. Hopefully that is added to the current platform at some point.

My memory is pulling up a discussion from a long time ago that the legacy website’s SRS system, and the modern mobile apps’ SRS systems are not the same. There were certain properties and changes that were made to the SRS systems. Therefore I would not depend on anything on the Legacy site, showing me the same metrics that I would get from an app. My memory may be wrong, but unless the developers weighed in, I would not expect them to be the same.

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