Help for a new user

Hi I just started using Skritter for Chinese. I am a brand new Chinese learner. I have a few questions about using Skritter to help me learn Chinese characters:

  1. In the tutorial, I was able to trace the character for China before having to write it on my own. I don’t see how to do this in the regular app though. Is it possible? It would be very helpful for helping me learn new characters. When I double tap for a hint, it only shows the character for a moment.

  2. I have created a custom list; is there any way I can study from ONLY that list and not from that list PLUS Chinese 101?

  3. I am getting constant notifications of “new word added”, which I find distracting. Is there a way to turn those off?

  4. Am I correct that I can only add a word to my custom list by using the pinyin (rather than the English translation)? What if it doesn’t recognize my word but I’m pretty sure it’s a real word (it’s from my textbook!)

  5. Sometimes the program marks my character wrong but I can’t tell why. Is there a way to find out what you did wrong?

Thank you so much; this seems like a cool product and I want to get the most out of it.

Hi @ataraxite

Are you referring to the iOS app, or the Android app? I can help you out with these questions!

iPhone. I have figured out the answer to #2 and #5 in the meantime :smile: but if you can answer the others I would really appreciate it!
Thank you!!