Help with making definition only list

Hi, I’m wondering if there is any way to make a list entirely separate from my current lists and have its contents only be tested by definition.

I use the iOS app and I currently have it set to only test me on writing, and I’m happy with that for the lists I currently study, however I don’t know how to now make a list that will only test me on definitions. I couldn’t find any way to change this on a per-list basis. If I make a new list and change the setting option to allow definitions, will that apply to all my existing lists? Will the fact I have the writing option ticked on mean I will also have to write any words I add to a list that I only want to use for definitions?

I’d appreciate any advice on how to go about doing this, thanks!

I think this covers the topic: Skritter Capabilites - Add only parts of new words

I did want to add that on the iOS Skritter Chinese app, you can pull up a list and see study setting from the list only. Go to the list you want and there is a tiny blue link under the green completion bar that says “Change Study Settings”. So, it looks like you can change it in the app rather than needing to go to the website…provided the Japanese app works the same as the Chinese app.


@Apomixis You rule! :smile:

Thanks a lot Apomixis =) I didn’t know that I had to enable definitions at the account level for the option to appear in the List Study Settings. I just enabled definitions and I got the same option shown in the picture you posted, so it also applies to Japanese. Thanks again!