Hide definition and sound

Hello, in the new Skritter (beta), we cannot still hide the definition, the writing in hiragana and turn off the auto played sound ? Before the app ask about a word, like « car » and you have to write the kanji, without any kinds of help. It’s more efficient in my opinion.
It’s a bit inconvenient, does it’s planned to back ?

And sometimes during the review, the apps ask me about word in katana to translate it in hiragana. It’s a bit useless, I think it’s a bug.

The hide definition, hide reading, and audio toggle options are on the way! I like the personally like the hide definition mode so you would only see くるま for instance.

The app asking you for the reading of a katakana word and displaying it in hiragana is a bit useless sounding! For any word in kana, it should be saying “What’s the romaji”, this does sound like a bug. I haven’t run into this one myself. Would you be able to delete and reinstall and let us know if that same problem persists?