Hit a bug several times in Android mobile

Multiple times after Skritter added a new word it would freeze up during the prompting of one of the new elements. Not the first one, but the second or third element. The timer would quit timing, I’d be unable to advance. I could back out with the arrow in the upper left to the main menu. There seemed to be a necessary pause before I could go back in. If I tried immediately, I’d just be stuck with a blank-ish screen. I could wait either before or after going back. When I went back to the main menu the count would update as usual (1s or so latent). When I started again it was basically where I left off.

At the end of my session I got stuck in a loop of 3-5 things it kept prompting me for.

Thanks for the report! Keep an eye out for beta version 3.0.17 as I think I have patched the issue surrounding it getting stuck after adding new words. It also wouldn’t hurt to do a fresh login (or use redownload data button from settings screen).