How about adding some new textbooks?

I’ve belonged to Skritter for a long time and few new Japanese textbooks have been added. I’m 61 and most of the usual textbooks are geared to teenagers. (Genki, etc!)

I’d love to see Japanese From Zero or Japanese for Busy People added. JFZ has online videos that are very useful.

What are the chances of new textbooks being added?

We offer 2 free months of subscription time upon the completion of any textbook list we don’t already have, in case you might have not known! You could create the list slowly as you go through the textbook, and then let us know when the list is done, or you could upload the list in one go if you’d prefer the extra subscription time quicker.

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Jeremy, thanks for your reply!

I am way too lazy to do my own list. I did find a JFZ list in the other section. I should have searched properly before whining.