How can I add definitions or mixed-language words?

I have some words to learn that I have put in a custom list. But they’re not quite… right.

The first is 無線LAN (wifi, important word). The LAN part isn’t in katakana, it’s in English. But Skritter won’t let me put the non-Japanese characters into the word box. So I thought I’d try putting just 無線 and practice that (since I can already read and write LAN) but Skritter won’t let me make it a custom word because it already knows 無線 as radio, wireless… but that’s not the sense I’m interested in.

I have some other words which have slightly different translations to those in the database that I’d like to use, such as:

  • 暖房 as “heater” not heating
  • 準備中 as “closed” not “not yet open for business”

Also in some words which have multiple definitions I would like to prioritise one, for example:

  • 避難 ひなん: taking refuge; finding shelter; evacuation

In that the most important is “evacuation” (this is what you will hear when told to evacuate) so I would like to see that first.

In some cases I’d like to add a definition such as:

  • お酒 “sake, alcohol” but also add “alcoholic”

How can I customise the definitions?

It’s unfortunately not possible to add English letters into definitions like 無線LAN, but you can edit any definition for a word and make it custom, and save it as a personal definition. Or you could add 無線構内通信網 instead. (Just kidding ^^)

The method for editing a definition is slightly different depending on which version of Skritter you’re using. Do you use the web, Android, or iOS app?

I use the iPhone app for study, but I was adding words on the website, since the iOS client doesn’t seem reliable when adding words.

Here’s a link to a guide explaining how to edit the definition while studying on the iOS app:

Definitions can’t be edited via the list editor, but to alternatively edit a definition you could pull up a list, view it’s contents, click on a word which pulls up the detailed information screen, and then click the blue pencil icon next to the definition, which can be done from either the web or the iOS app.

The iOS app should be reliable when adding words, (unless you are in an Advanced Study session with a part disabled, which makes the session review only).