How can I best use Skitter given that my character writing lags well behind the other three other skills?

I am frustrated by the fact that my character writing lags so far behind my character recognition and understanding. I think this is natural, but Skitter keeps asking me to write characters that I am just learning to understand and recognize. I can turn off writing, but that really doesn’t help. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this issue, or should I just take my medicine and keep struggling with the writing?

After a month of ‘taking my medicine’ (I’m best at writing the characters due to previous study of Japanese, and have no idea how most of them sound), I’ve switched to just writing today, with the idea I’ll turn the rest back on later. It’s definitely frustrating at times to be way stronger in one area than another.

I’ve decided to keep writing turned on and accept that it is the most difficult of the 4 competencies. It is humbling to fall so far behind in one area, but I think it is typical of most students’ experience.