How can I change the name of a list section?

I am creating a list based on chapters of a book. One section is headed “No name” instead of the chapter number. Can I change the heading?

On the iOS version, if you go to your lists and then open a multipart list, right above the listing of the sections, I see two buttons: “Edit Sections” and “Add Section”. The former allows you to change the list section names. I haven’t tried it on the web version, but assume it’s similar.

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Thanks. Funnily enough I clicked on “Edit seciton” in the web version but couldn’t get any further, before I posted this query. On the iOS version, it worked.
It works on the web version now too. I can’t replicate what happened yesterday, but it seemed to say “No name” rather than “Type section name here”. I had entered “25” and possibly succeeded in moving away before it was entered properly, and maybe when “No name” appears it can’t be overwritten?
Anyway, problem solved now.