How can i copy/edit a chinesepod list

I was trying to edit a Chinesepod list but i cant seem to find the function that will let me copy it. can someone help me please?
thanks in advance

Hi there! :wave:

If you go into the ChinesePod list, (by clicking it’s name), there should be a “Copy list” option on the lefthand side of the 2.0 site, and a “Remix list” link on the lefthand side of the legacy site.

Thanks for the replay but the problem is that the chinesepod lessons dos’nt have a “copy” function only “export”. if i’m choosing a random list that is not a chinesepod one, i can see a “copy” function. is it could be because i’m only paying the basic bundle to chinesepod?

Ah, it looks like the copy link doesn’t exist on ChinesePod lists. I’ve opened an issue for this, thanks!

Thanks! its will be great if you can announce when/if it this function become available.

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