How can I see my mnemonics?

I know how to check my mnemonics while studying. How can I look up the mnemoics for my “Remebering The Kanji” list on my phone? I want to copy them chapter by chapter, Kanji by Kanji into a different program.

Which version of Skritter are you using on your phone? (Android/iOS, and beta or non beta)? If you’re using the beta, there’s not a way to go into a list section and view the detailed information to show the mnemonics (yet!). If you could let me know which version you’re on, I can help you figure out the easiest method of accomplishing this!

I was using the Android Beta.

When do you think the new version will be out? You first teased it April 1st and it still isn’t out. If it’s coming out in a week I’ll wait for it. If it’s not coming out soon I’d rather go back to the old version and start my attempt at moving my mnemonics to a different app.

I have switched to the old version on Android but I still don’t know how to view my mnemonics.

You should be able to view your mnemonics in the detailed info (i) area-- if you edit the mnemonic, it should allow you to copy the entire text, however you would need to do this one by one. We’re gearing up for the new beta release, though we don’t have an exact date. Very soon, though!

There is no info button when I look at the word list.

Ah, I was thinking about the study screen and not inside the list itself. It sounds like the easiest way to do this in the meantime might be to view the information for the words in the list on the legacy website, and then copy and paste them into a text file which you could transfer to your device (or email yourself to be able to grab the text to import into the other program)

I thought the legacy website was gone. Could you give me the web address to it?

If you go to the main Skritter website, there is a link at the top that says “Back to Skritter 1.0”

What @Apomixis said! You could also manually go to as well.

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