How do I get the stroke order like the Demo on iPodTouch 5G

How the do I get the animated stroke order for “Remembering the Kanji” on my iPod Touch 5G. I’m on the free trial and as it is, I get a blank screen where I have to produce the kanji without having seen how it’s written. That’s not right. I read somewhere you hold down the “i” button. That doesn’t work, it just flips the screen and you see the kanji but there’s no stroke order. I’ve tried this on both Skritter 1 and the Beta. Also notified support.

Really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you standing by.

This unfortunately isn’t possible on the iOS app, however is possible on the web version at, or Stroke order animations are coming to the mobile apps once the clients have been replaced with new framework.

In the meantime, you can single tap for a single stroke hint on the iOS app, which will show you the next stroke in correct order to write. You can also double tap to reveal the entire character (which will begin to fade as you start writing).

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Hi Jeremy, Thank you so much for your reply. Woo! Hoo! Got it.
I wish Skritter would have a better FAQ or explanation like this:

  1. At present stroke order animations are not available on mobile devices, however, the good news is that it’s in the works. Stay tuned.
  2. In the meantime, single tap for a single stroke hint for the “next” stroke.
  3. Double tap to reveal entire character.

It would be nice to have had the above instructions included with the Intro on the mobile App. :slight_smile:

Now that I understand it better I’m beggining to enjoy the app more.

One more thing Jeremy: Any expected “guess-ta-mate” date when the animation will be available for the mobile Apps?

Agani thank you for your most helpful reply. m(_ _)m

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Glad to help! :slight_smile:

There are a collection of guides at:, however it looks a guide for gestures on the iOS app was somehow missed. I’ve made a note to add a guide for this. Many thanks!

The iOS app is next in line after the Android client update (which will be ready for testing very soon). Although we unfortunately can’t provide a guesstimate, it’s on it’s way!

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