How do I remove words from my review list without banning them?

I recently added a list and learned 4 or 5 characters from it. I then decided I don’t want to learn this list after all, and wanted to remove those 4 or 5 characters as I’m not interested in them. However, I can’t seem to find a way to do it. I followed these instructions which I found here: Erasing historical stats, erasing lists

Also, to delete lists you aren’t using anymore, you can click the “X” mark next to the list’s name on the study page at:

It gave me a pop up saying, “Are you sure you want to delete all words in this list from study?” to which I clicked “confirm”. The list is now gone, but the words are still in my review queue, both on the app, and on the website!

When I go to my list on the website, the only options I have there is to ban or unban them. I don’t want to ban them, because they might come up on another list I’m trying to learn without me realising.

Surely there must be a way?

Anyone have any ideas?

Since I got no replies I’ve emailed support. If they come back with a solution I’ll post it here.

Hey davidfarlow, I just saw this and found your support ticket too. Do you remember what list it was that you added and then removed? What’s an example of the vocab that you’re still seeing? It’ll help me figure out where the problem is.