How do I stop reviewing items that are not due?

If I am not adding new items, I would like to be able to be “done for the day”–i.e. when I’m done reviewing all the “due” items, have it stop showing me old items for infinity. Is there a way to do that?

Also: I’m going through a book a chapter at a time. I understand how to change a list to add a section at a time. However, when I want to add a new section, I just want to get the new stuff–I don’t want to keep reviewing for infinity all the old items that are not due.

My workflow is:

  1. Start with all lists in review mode
  2. Review everything that’s due (since it will review for infinity I just check how many more are due)
  3. Enable add for one of my lists, to add the next section/chapter
  4. Go back to Study
    – At this point, no new items ever get added. It seems like I have to jumpstart the add of the new section by adding one item manually.
    – Once it starts adding them (btw my “Add Frequency” is set to “Normal”) eventually it adds all of them, but it also intersperses them with non-due old items, which I don’t want. I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time reviewing the same things over and over again, when I’d really like to look at only due items and new items (with a couple of reviews of the new items, perhaps).

I am using the current iPad version of the app.

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I used to do something like:

  1. Disable adding from all lists except for the one that I wanted to add from
  2. Set adding to be manual
  3. Review all due items until queue is zero
  4. Manually add a certain number of items from the list (e.g. 100)
  5. Repeat until all queue is empty, add new lists to queue if required

If I feel reviews are too easy then I sometimes remark with the “Too easy” grade, however most of the time Skritter’s not too far off with its estimation of what I need to study and if you really know words they will get scheduled far into the future before too long. You can always use advanced study to just study the list you are interested in if you really want to avoid getting everything mixed together.

Thanks! The thing I don’t like is that at your step #3, it will just keep giving me reviews to infinity even though the items due is 0. Is it possible avoid this? Or I just have to watch for due items to be 0 and then stop?

Then even when I add items, it doesn’t do all the new items right away–it still intersperses with old items that I don’t need to review (i.e. they are not due and I may have just reviewed them like 30 times).