How do I use the android app?

Hey guys, I have not used skritter for some time but now I want to start up again.

The app is still really confusing to me so I will ask very specifically how to do this.

I think I have reset all my known words, now I would like to start again and I want to start by repeating hsk 1 to 6. I already know roughly about 95% of the words in these list but getting some repetition is never bad.

My question is, how do I start studying all the words in these lists without any limitations to how many “new” words that added per day, because they are not new words to me but the app does not know that.

Having a “learn” mode is really confusing because i don’t need that so I don’t know what to do with it. I just want to get started studying all the words directly.

Thank you!

I use apple not android but surely most of the actions will be the same.

You still have to go to learn mode for a particular list, but once you are there, there should be a large rectangle (green) at the top of the list that tells you to rejuvenate all the studied words and mark them as learned.

Once you do that, they should all promptly appear in review for study, without having to learn them or mark them individually.

Or, you can do this section by section within a list. The rejuvenate button should appear near the top of the section also.

If there is no rejuvenate button, in apple you go to the upper right three-dot … “more” button at the top of the list/section and rejuvenate is one of the options there.

Now, if you have reset everything, then I’m not sure if the app will recognise that you have studied words before. It might.

If not, then you need official help - I’m not sure what to do.

Good luck!

Addendum: when learn mode first arrived, I did not like it or think that I needed it.

Since then, I’ve discovered it is very helpful to review actual new words in a list before adding them to review.

And if you basically know the characters within those words already, you can just quickly tap your way through the “mark as learned” button at the bottom of each word instead of pausing to practice it.

I like the new system now and it has changed the way I study.

Now, my study session begins with entering new words into my list from whatever new reading I’ve been doing.

Then I ignore these words for now, and go straight to review, so that everything from the days before is finished first.

Then, once review is complete, I go into learn mode, take my time, and actually study and practice today’s new words.

Finally, and this is key, I shut down the app without going back into review, to make sure the new words that I’ve just studied and practiced are saved for tomorrow’s review. (Otherwise learn mode is just repetitive, if used on the same day as review mode.)

That’s been a very effective new way of studying. Hope it helps you with the new Skritter.