How is Skritter tested?

There’s a lot I love about Skritter. It has a ton of great features, and it’s an addictive way to study characters, with an SRS component to focus study time.

I do increasingly find myself wondering what kinds of tests the dev team use, though. A surprising amount of things seem to be broken or have regressions, surprisingly often. Are you guys using anything like Selenium at all?

It’s a problem we’re going to be addressing more going forward. We have just hired another developer (we’ll be announcing this in the newsletter next month), which brings our development team to two people now. Having the additional brain power will allow us to improve Skritter in a more efficient and stable manner. We aren’t using Selenium, but have a Mocha test framework in place for front end testing. The problem is we just don’t have enough test cases to properly check things at the moment. This is another thing that having an additional developer will help to mitigate going forward.