How to add images for Android Beta

I’m using the Beta on Android. I noticed the deck “Colors” has images embedded in the cards. I wanted to make some おでん cards with images of the foods that go in it. I tried using the tag and placing it in the English definition section. But it just ended up showing the web-address and tag instead of the image. So I went to check how the tag was added to the “Colors” deck but I couldn’t find the tag used anywhere. Are images only available for Skritter created decks and not user created ones or am I missing something?

Great question!

Preview card images are a custom embed on the Skritter official decks for the time being. As the app matures, however, we could certainly consider expanding the functionality more to allow for more custom images–both for items in the app, and for personal deck cover art.

Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the future improvements. As a side note I hope that in the future the images will be able to be stored on the app like the “Colors” deck instead of just linking like done previously. That way users don’t need to worry about links going bad over time. And they would not need a connection to the internet to work which is always a plus. It would be great if more images were added to official decks. I find I can remember things better with pictures especially when they are in show in different locations I think it is related to the roman room mnemonic method that causes it to be effective.

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