How to add words on mobile?

I’m sure this has been asked but I have been searching and can’t find a clear answer… if it’s been answered please point me to the right thread.

I am using paid Android version to study 2 decks. I know how to add words on mobile from those decks.

I also want to be able to add random words that I learn during the day from daily life, but I dont see how to do that?

So far I have tried going into ‘Decks’ hitting the plus sign and adding a new deck. Then I see an option to name the deck, add a description, and add ‘sections’. I can add numerous sections but I dont’ see where to add vocab??

Am I missing something?

I use the newest app on iOS, so provided it’s not any different on Android: after you create a list and enter into the section of the list you want, then in the upper right corner there are three dots in a vertical row. Press the three dots button and then there’s a “edit“ option. Select that, and then scroll down to the bottom of the list and there’s a green-ish “plus” button in a circle. This allows you to add items (after scrolling to the bottom of the page).

I think the only step that was throwing you, is that you have to go into a list section before you can add the vocabulary.

That worked, thank you!! my problem was I had been using the edit and Plus to get to the sections, but I didn’t realize I had to go into sections and press edit again to re-produce the Plus.

It seems like a lot of steps just to add each word…?

Do you use this function on the go? Or do you tend to sit down and do a whole bunch at once (ie. look through Pleco history and add them one at a time in one sitting)?

Or do you somehow transfer bulk lists from Pleco?

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If I want to add a bunch of words I just use the website.

I also use the Skritter website whenever I want to add multiple characters (such as after a class or tutoring session). On the mobile app you have to add one character at a time, whereas on the website you can paste a space-separated list of many characters into the list entry field and Skritter will parse them all at once. Hence, adding multiple words is much faster on the Web.

But if I’m just using Skritter and have to add one or two words, I will do that using the mobile interface, because it’s convenient to use the device that I’m already holding, instead of going to the website and doing it that way (for which I use my laptop).

I tend to just keep a running note of “characters of interest” I run across throughout the week, and then after I have several entries, will sit down and add them in bulk through the website.

That’s what I do, too. There is actually some pedagogical value in doing so. Many students are tempted to add too much, sometimes literally adding every single word they come across. By having a staging area and then adding them to the app in regular intervals, some time is put between finding the word and determining if it’s worth learning. I often end up discarding a lot of words this way, which is a good thing. Impulsively adding lots of words is not necessarily the right thing to do! That being said, it would be nice if it were easier to add words in-app, of course.

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This video might help. Bulk adding on the website is super cool and recommended for larger lists. The app is not as good at this yet, but we hope to reduce friction down the road.

thanks for all this advice. Before I saw the replies I’d already decided to wait and do it 1x per week from Pleco. I’ll stick to that plan but try using the website as suggested. And as Olle says, this will give me time to look and see which words I actually want to learn.

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