How to advance in chinese skritter

Hi there!

As a Skritter novice I’m eager to advance quickly. However, in my encounter with the Skritter learning-tool it feels like a handful of Chinese characters keep coming back while no new words are introduced. I’m aware that you’re supposed to repeat writing characters before introducing new ones. But nevertheless, after 30 repetitions I wanted to move on to new characters because it felt like I had retained the stroke order etc. of the characters. Is there any way to adjust this in order to move on faster? Or am I just inpatient? I’m grateful for any answer! Thanks!

Hi Jack! :wave:

You can manually add a new word at any time by using the add word (+) button up on top of the study screen. If you notice that you’re seeing the same words over and would like to see some fresh vocab, I recommend using the button to add as many as you feel you can tackle.

Hi Jeremy! that explains a lot! but let’s say that I don’t use the add word button, will the software still advance to new vocab when it feels that I’m ready to do so?

Once the feature has been re enabled (it’s been temporarily disabled while it’s being adjusted which is why you noticed) the system will automatically add words once it assesses you’re ready to do so, that’s correct!