How to best study Heisig Remembering the Kanji 2 with Skritter / RTK compounds


I’m not quite there yet, but I was wondering how to achieve memorising readings as in RTK2 with Skritter. As far as I see, the pronunciation feature for the RTK 1 list is not always working. Is what I’m getting with it always Onyomi?
What would be your strategy?

Also I’d like to learn compounds formed by the RTK1/2 Kanji, ideally with Skritter. Is there a list which delivers compounds which more or less match these Kanji? Without other vocab cluttering the list.


Lone characters, as in the RTK lists, only test for writing in Skritter. If you want readings or definitions, you need actual words, whether kunyomi or jukugo.

As for a list of compounds, I find this tool useful:
You can import the chars you learned from Skritter, and it’ll generate a wordlist ordered by frequency.


Thanks for the info, and the link. I’ll check that software out! Don’t have a Windows PC around right now, but I guess you can re-import that wordlist back into Skritter?


I highly recommend only studying kanji in the form of actual words, and not by themselves.You can learn the kunyomi and onyomi readings from studying words themselves in context, by adding a group of high frequency words that use each kanji. That way not only are you learning the kanji, it’s readings, but also actual words themselves. 一石鳥 ^^