How to correct/change/flag apparently incorrect tones?

I have only recently started using Skritter, so please forgive me if the answer is simple, I just could not find out how to do this.
While making my own word lists I found a word phrase that appeared to have an incorrect tone mark on one of the characters. I don’t know how to correct this, or even how to flag this up for someone’s attention.
I could not find any information anywhere about how to do this, hence my question here.

You could email us at with any corrections, or alternatively here works too! Which version of Skritter are you using? I can let you know how to send feedback/corrections from within the app as well.

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the quick reply. FYI I am using Android Skritter 4.4, but I manage my word lists in a browser on my desktop.
It so happens my original reason for posting was my bad with pinyin input autofill. However, I think this is a valid issue, where there are a number of use cases where database entries might need changes, and emailing corrections seems clumsy.
For example, I have started to add a number of custom word/character phrases to my lists. However, having added an entry, there is no way for me to edit it, if, for example, I want to change the English description to make it more meaningful. If I delete the phrase and try to add it again, I get the entry I just deleted!